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International Padel Coaches

The KNLTB aims to welcome coaches from abroad who have completed padel coach education with official accreditation and want to become a coach in the Netherlands. If you are in the possession of a certificate of padel coach it is possible to convert this certificate into a Dutch license. Follow these steps to get registered as a licensed padel coach in the Netherlands.

Step 1: Compare foreign license to Dutch license

The applicant is responsible to send two documents to

  1. You will need to submit evidence of your education to us which should include copies of your coaching qualification certificate(s), supported by a letter or email from the Coach Education Department of your National Association or Federation confirming the length of the qualification, plus the specific exams and the number of tutor contact hours. Please note this must be sent in English.
  2. An application form. Download the form here.

Step 2: Review of the documents by the federation

After sending these two documents, the KNLTB will revise if the coach qualifies for a Dutch license. After revision by the KNLTB we will contact the applicant.

Step 3: Assessment Test

If the documents are revised and it shows you have enough experience to become a licensed coach in the Netherlands, you will be invited to an assessment test. You will be tested by one of our tutors and asked to perform a adult group training. This assessment will cost the applicant €135, -

Step 4: Get licensed

If the test is finished successfully, you will receive a Dutch license level A Padel.  With this license you will be allowed to be a coach at any padel club affiliated to the KNLTB.

Step 5: Permanent Development

As a Dutch coach it is obligatory to meet certain training regulations. This system is called Permanente Ontwikkeling (permanent development).

You need to obtain PO-points every two years in order to keep your license active.

Please note that this will start mid-2021, keep an eye on our website for updates.

*Please note that the process from step 1 till step 4 may take several weeks